The Great Debate: iPad or Surface

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When shopping for a new tablet, choosing between the iPad and the Surface has been the question for years. But how do they compare side by side? We’ve taken an in-depth look at the two to help you make your decision when it comes time to buy. For the sake of comparing similar products, let’s look at the baseline models of the Surface 3 and iPad Air 2.

Price: The starting price point for the iPad and the Surface is $499 retail. With additional features or storage comes additional cost.

Design: Although both units are essentially a large touchscreen with a home button, there are distinct differences between the two. The iPad Air 2 boasts a clean, sleek, minimal design at just 6.1 millimeters thin and weighing in at just under a pound. On the other hand, the Surface is slightly more rugged, weighing about 40% more and is 8.7 millimeters thin.

Portability: Both devices are significantly smaller than a laptop, but don’t expect to fit either into your pocket. When choosing between the iPad and the Surface, one thing that sets the Surface apart is the built-in kickstand. This allows the Surface to stand on its own virtually anywhere, which is perfect for streaming movies or working on projects.

Screen Size and Resolution: If you’re looking for a brilliant display, either unit is a great choice. The Surface’s 10.8” full HD screen is over an inch larger than the iPad Air. However, the resolution on the iPad Air is slightly higher. To the naked eye, the clarity and brilliance of both screens are nearly identical. We recommend that you take a look at each to decide how important the extra inch of screen is to you

Storage: For the models that we are comparing, the internal storage is arguably the biggest difference. The baseline model of the Surface 3 comes with 64GB of internal storage while the iPad Air 2 has only 16GB. For an additional cost, you can max out either device to 128GB.

Operating System: While Apple fans have fallen in love with the iOS inside all iPads and iPhones, the Surface products run a fully-functioning Windows operating system. Depending on what you’re used to, the operating system can be a deciding factor.

Camera: Both devices have an 8MP rear-facing camera that takes decent photos and video. The difference lies in the front-facing camera; The Surface 3 comes equipped with a 3.5MP (1080p), while the iPad Air 2 falls short at only 1.2MP (720p).

Ports: Apple is notorious for keeping things minimal. When it comes to the iPad line, perhaps it’s a bit too minimal as the only ports you’ll see are a lightning port for charging and a headphone port. On the other hand, with the Surface 3 you’ll see a few ports including a USB 3.0, Micro SD slot (for external storage), Micro USB (for charging), headphone port, and a Mini DisplayPort.

Battery Life: Everybody uses their device differently so battery life will differ. However, both devices promote a 10-hour battery life under moderate usage. So which device is better—the iPad or Surface? We love both devices, however, given all the specs, we have the give the edge to the Surface 3. Inside and out, it’s an incredible device for users of all ages and its kickstand with an attachable keyboard (extra) makes this device incredibly versatile. Try them out for yourself before making a decision! If you already have one of these devices and you’re experiencing issues, head to your local CPR Cell Phone Repair! Our expert staff can provide you with a free diagnosis and repair estimate.