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Co-location and IaaS services to build a stronger business

Building a stronger business

As server technology becomes more important to companies, it is more common to see servers moved off site to co-location facilities where they are more secure and have all the cooling and internet needed to keep them running. Co-location facilities can also offer services such as back-up tapes, shared firewalls and systems patching. It can bring great peace of mind to small business owners to know that their most precious data is being looked after. Redback Systems can offer a customized solution for your business, and then host it in one of our co-location facilities. As your business grows, you can add more servers, storage, and other IT resources. We also offer:

  • Equipment inspection, handling, and installation.
  • Experts who can consult with you during the colocation process.
  • Inventory analysis to verify equipment location.
  • Ongoing reports to confirm systems and equipment are configured and running properly.

IaaS Services

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) can also help your business thrive and save money by offering virtualized computing resources over the internet. We are able to host hardware, software, servers and other infrastructure components as well as handle tasks such as system maintenance, back-ups and planning. Look at some of the benefits:

  • Save money – you need less infrastructure onsite and no upgrades or replacements to do. You also need fewer IT staff.
  • Scalability and flexibility – scale up and down as needed while state-of-the-art tech allows you to respond to changing opportunities.
  • Great backup and disaster recovery – quick recovery and zero data loss with all services accessible via an internet connection if disaster strikes.
  • Business growth – when you move to a service based model you can focus more time and resources developing your company.

The scalability and responsiveness of Redback Systems’ IaaS solutions mean that you only pay for what you use when you need it and pay a fixed monthly charge. This is a great solution for any business looking for rapid scalability and economic IT.

Find out if IaaS is the right Outsourced IT solution for your business.

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